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Wellington Street West Reconstruction

Location: Ottawa, ON. / Completed: 2009

Client: Parsons, formerly (Delcan Corporation) & City of Ottawa

The design concept was ‘linking neighbourhoods’ and spans approximately two kilometres of inner-city community, along which lies a rich neighbourhood history. Twenty three side streets (from Western Avenue to Garland Street at Somerset Street West) intersect this project, each leading to enclaves of residential communities and diverse businesses. Eighteen hand-carved marble sculptures playfully capture the form of a fire hydrant fused with everyday objects are installed at intervals along the streetscape.  The Wellington Marbles created by artists  Kucey-Jones and Lotecki pay tribute to the local history and modern renewal of the community.

As part of an integrated water and sewer replacement initiative, this municipal project presented the opportunity to substantially re-design the pedestrian mainstreet environment.  The functional design analysis dovetailed with City of Ottawa’s community design plan and a neighbourhood plan under a coordinated approach called the “Neighbourhood Planning Initiative“ (NIP).

“The project is a great example of how the transformation of a street can emphasize pedestrians. The project allows great animation and activity along the street edge by providing space on the sidewalk for more than just walking. From the lighting to the paving treatment and public art, it is an exciting and comfortable design. The proof of success is how businesses have responded to the opportunity; new life spreads along the street and creates a sense of unity and integration throughout the community. The sheer size and length of this project is impressive and makes the neighbourhood lively.” UDA Jury Comments

The project won the Award of Merit – Public Places and Civic Spaces in the 2011 Ottawa Urban Design Awards.  Kaja Cerveny was project lead on the Landscape Architectural design team while with Douglas & Ruhland Associates Ltd.