Studio Red is an Ottawa-based Landscape Architecture, environmental planning and urban design practice. We specialize in not specializing.   Established in 2015, the firm works with government, the private sector and professionals to create high-quality and inspiring parks, streetscapes, plazas, schoolyards, livable communities and enjoyable environments.

Highly motivated and passionate, we strive to design spaces where you will be moved or inspired and want to return to.  Our approach to place making is grounded and responsive to context, environmental, historical and cultural forces while respectful of Clients’ schedules, budgets and needs.

Our principal, Kaja Cerveny OALA, CSLA, has over 30years of experience as a Landscape Architect and project manager in cities across Canada and the US.  As prime consultant and multi-disciplinary team member, Kaja is a skilled collaborator, who listens to Clients and engages design professionals to build consensus and establish a shared vision amongst diverse interests while maintaining the utmost level of design integrity.